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Class of Whenever Reunion

Let us paint the picture of what our concept is. Imagine being at an event where you just vaguely remember everyone and your memory of them is a bit cloudy. The feeling is that everyone is an old friend that you really want to catch up with. Regardless, you want to party with them and see how they have been since you've last seen them.

If you were popular, great! Come hang out with all your old buddies. If you were a wallflower, let people discover who you are. The trick is, it doesn't matter if you come to represent yourself as you are now, but you as anyone you want to be and give a history of whomever you were before. It doesn't matter to us when or where your persona is from, but we will sure encourage you to express whatever character it is you will bring!

This is an experiment for us and we really believe that people would love to be part of this. We really want to invite you to join. There will be finger foods, alcohol sponsors and a cash bar at our event. Music from multiple decades and multiple ActionBooth stations scattered through the event. We want to capture you in a senior portrait station, sponsored area and a themed Class of Whenever background. It will be fun. Trust us.

Here are the details:
Loft 644
644 N Orleans st
Chicago IL

March 23rd 2013
7pm - 11pm

Some of the activities to be expected are:
  • Superlative awards being handed out through out the event to our guests.
  • Best costume/outfit awards.
  • Remembered For game.
  • Prom King and Queen crowning.
  • Multiple ActionBooth stations
  • Vendor Spotlights
  • DJ ChrisMix spinning the theme music
  • and many surprises to follow. (Shhh! …)
So please, RSVP with us and be part of this momentous event. Check back often for we will be posting more information regarding this event.

Our only request is that you be over 21 and come with a fun attitude and an open mind.

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